E.L. Achieve works in partnership with school districts to create effective systems for English learners that are grounded in research-based practice and are results oriented. Our approach is not about quick fixes. It is focused on system-wide, mission-driven, long-term collaborative planning and implementation. While E.L. Achieve works with districts rather than individual schools or teachers, teacher leaders often play a key role in bringing E.L. Achieve’s professional development offerings to their districts.  

Engaging Stakeholders

When first considering how to improve an English learner program, stakeholders from throughout the system need to be involved in building a shared vision.

Effective systems use a variety of data sources to craft both student and adult goals. Sources of data may include standardized tests, Title III – AMAOs, benchmark assessments, writing samples, classroom observations, and self-reflection. 

E.L. Achieve’s annotated Research Base includes a range of articles to assist teachers, principals, and district leaders in developing background knowledge about the importance of language learning in academic achievement and best practices for English learner instruction.

Throughout the organization, whether at the classroom or cabinet level, collaborative professional learning leads to a greater sense of ownership and commitment. District leaders should consider inviting the following groups into conversation:

  • Cabinet Meeting
  • Board Session
  • Curriculum Council
  • Principal Meetings
  • Staff Meetings with Key School Sites

Building Interest in E.L. Achieve Initiatives

Here are a few tips for beginning a conversation about instruction for English learners and introducing E.L. Achieve’s model:

  1. Suggest adding a discussion and analysis of English learner achievement data to a staff meeting agenda. Articulating current successes and challenges helps build a sense of urgency among staff.
  2. Offer to facilitate a solutions-focused discussion about how your site currently serves English learners vis-à-vis state-adopted ELD standards and Title III requirements. Review E.L. Achieve’s research-based, federally compliant Blueprint for Serving English Learners Throughout the School Day to talk about what is currently in place at your site, what could be strengthened, and what needs to be added. 
  3. Download readings to share with colleagues and/or at professional development sessions or staff meetings. These articles are the foundation of E.L. Achieve’s theoretical framework and vision of instruction.

Once you have taken stock of your level of readiness and determine you are interested in exploring a partnership with E.L. Achieve, contact us

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